Types of Wedding Videography

Every couple is unique and every wedding is different. Because of this there are many options to consider when hiring a wedding videography team. From filming styles and experience to camera equipment like drones, electronic gimbals, and lighting there is many variables to consider and that’s before you even get into editing techniques! The industry has changed quite significantly in the last 15 years, shifting from recording on to tapes with “low resolution” and low bit rate depth cameras to having flying cameras and $10,000 hand held rigs that Hollywood Filmmakers would have killed to have. We strive for a more “cinematic narrative” type film that is heavy on storytelling and really allows any viewer to get to know the couple and their family with all the emotions and events of the day from prep through to exit or dance party.

Sparkler Highlight Wedding Videos

Our most popular and inclusive wedding filming service is what we call the “Sparkler Package”. This includes two filmmakers and features a 6-8 minute cinematic highlight film and coverage is end of makeup/prep all the way to sparkler/grand exit (about 8 hours because we aim to create a story, meaning each film should have a beginning, middle, and end). This highlight film includes prep, ceremony, speeches, formalities, dances, licensed music, and more; telling the whole story of the day. This package is $2,900 and includes a 2nd film of just the ceremony in its entirety shot with three cameras and 2-3 microphones (usually 15-30 minutes).

Wedding “Teasers”

These are shorter videos that are more like a short music video and are usually released earlier than the full highlight. If a full day package is booked you can expect a free one minute teaser within 24 hours of the event, often before the exit!

Ceremony Films

We will be the first to tell you the modern style of wedding videography is popular for a reason. Modern technology has opened the door to create very exciting wedding films such as trailers, teasers, and highlights as opposed to the old 90s style of long form videos with only locked down tripod shots. Couples and their family don’t have to settle for rough lighting and lots of awkward moments in those “Documentary Style” wedding videos anymore. However, those traditional style films paved the way and are cherished for the memories they captured. There are important “Full Coverage” moments that many couples will regret missing without a professional wedding filmmaker who can not only film and edit a beautiful highlight, but also capture the ceremony and edit it together in its entirety to be shown for generations!

Filming the ceremony requires the most resources and experience which is why many “modern” filmmakers would rather just skip it and sell their couples a short highlight only. Between three full frame cameras, expensive zoom lenses, two filmmakers, two or more audio sources on the officiant/groom, and fighting the elements such as wind, sand, heavy sunlight, and loud waves or other noice; pulling off a beautiful ceremony edit doesn’t happen by accident. Full ceremony films are included in most of our full day packages, as a standalone deliverable in its entirety, at no additional cost.

We can bring the sizzle, but don’t forget about the steak of the films and deliverables your family will truly cherish 50 years even 100 years from now and how much it will mean to your children and your children’s children and on for generations!

“Same Day Edit” Highlight Films

“Same Day Edit” Films are one of our specialties and they always get the crowd hyped up. This is more than a teaser, it includes speeches, the ceremony, and even some of the later parts of the reception. Check this film out with the wedding crowd’s reaction in split screen as the film was shown just prior to the grand exit. 



 Single Filmmaker Packages

Wedding Videography Coverage of the event with one to two cameras and multiple audio sources. Three Minute Highlight Edit Included. Additional edits and coverage time can be added! Starting at Four Hours of Coverage for


Filmmaker Team Packages

Our Sparkler Package includes a two filmmaker team to cover the complete activities of the day with two to four cameras, aerial (where possible), and multiple audio recorders. Six to Eight Minute Highlight Edit Included as well as Complete Ceremony Film. Starting at:


Same Day Edit Films

Teasers of about one minute are edited and shown before the evening is over are now included in all our Full Team Filmmakers Packages of at least eight hours starting in 2023 at no charge! Longer “Same Day Edit” highlight options are also available including our “Firecracker Package” which is a 4-5 minute “Same Day Edit” Only.


“Super Sparkler” Upgrade

Edited video footage on average works out to about one minute of storytelling film to every one hour of coverage so often our final films are around that eight minute mark, but if you would like an extended version we do offer the “Super Sparkler” which is an extended length highlight film that is 12-18 minutes.

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